About Us

Who We Are

Individuals and Organisations are intently seeking for better ways of doing things; whether it’s an idea, a book, a training, a coaching or simply to be inspired or motivated, so as to achieve their desired objectives, it is was the yearning to meet these desires that gave birth to Kenwiz and Gold International Ltd; your partner in lasting transformation.

Kenwiz and Gold International Ltd (KGI) is a company created to meet the growing desires of individuals and organizations for excellence in the areas of consulting, training, inspirational books and motivation. We facilitate the achievement of both individual and corporate objectives.

We have over the years built relationship and capacity across international boundaries to deliver on expectations. We are highly interested and given to forming partnership with our clients, such bonds that creates result with lasting imprints in the minds and brands of the individuals or corporate entities.

At KGIL we believe in creativity for advancement and transformation.


To become the desired destination for critical transformation for individuals, organisations and states.


To provide consistent support and practical solutions to our clients every bit of the way in the transformation cycle.

What Drives Us

We are driven by the vacuum created between what we are and what we really truly desire to achieve. The inspiration we provide is the catalyst that enables us accomplish this task.


  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Persistence


Dream more than you can achieve
Redefining your learning experience
Recreating the future today

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