Mr. Nobody was born on a certain day, but he always seems to live his live with so much imcertainty that it is much easier to predict his end before he even sets out. Mr. Nobody has dreams without plans, he lives in the world of great illusions and in actions, he wakes up each day with a smuggish grin on his face, he says to himself that today will just be like every other day and with that he jump-starts his life, forgetting that he has no oil of hope in his engine, nor does he have the fuel of zeal in his tank. He speaks of things that looks so much like an avalanche of mud on a rainly day……he wants to be so many things, be everywhere, and be all things to all people….but never prepared to become someone, with this I am quite shocked, and this makes me to ask….Mr. Nobody, What exactly do you want?


Myles Munroe once said that it is the burial place, the grave, that you will find the greatest unutilized treasures, I tend to agree with him 50% because I also see that there are the dead amongst the living, the mobile corpse that depletes the oxygen meant for people with great focus. Mr. Nobody would have become somebody if not for the SINS he commits daily, and what sins are these? The things that he needs to do that eventually become the things not done.  Fortunately, in my course of research I was granted audience in the gallery of Mr. Nobody, and

beautifully displayed in his gallery are portraits of his belief systems and what he unconsciously and consciously holds dear to his heart that earned him a full fledge certification as Mr. Nobody.


Procrastination they say is a thief of time, but I often wonder which and whose time?
Definitely procrastination is a thief of life. Mr. Nobody says, I will get it done tomorrow, or I will do it later and gradually he never gets anything done, He is a drug trafficker, but this time the drug is called “let it wait”. Mr. Nobody has great talent, without skill, great words without worth, great dreams without zeal; he is a shadow of the real thing. Mr. Nobody is the only surviving offspring of faith without work…then I ask, Mr. Nobody what exactly do you want?


Hear him speak, Mr. Nobody, he is full of causes for those who will not and could not help him, he thinks they have so much and give nothing or so little. He wants to reap where he has not sown, he sees everyone as heartless, cold and selfish, except himself, damn it! are the foul words under his breath, he toils with his life thinking others would see him and have pity. Nevertheless, he doesn’t achieve his penny worth. Mr. Nobody knows what others have but he refuses to dig down within him to see what he himself has to give. He forgets the old unbreakable principle that better to give than to receive.


What exactly you want in life knowingly or unknowingly is what you get.

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