Unveiling the Secrets of Greatness (ebook)

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The Illusion When I placed my pen to paper to write this inspiring book, the ultimate aim was to define the actual and true meaning of greatness. In the minds of some people greatness has an abstract and obscene meaning that indicates the accumulation and the sufficiency of having and holding money. However, such disparaging definition of greatness is in itself an illusion of the mind. What then is greatness? Greatness is the progressive achievement of what you were created to fulfill, it is the accomplishment of your divine purpose and assignment.


Greatness is the actualization of a resolute and a selfless life dedicated to empowering others. In other words, greatness is the attainment of the purity of purposeful assignment. In my course of study, I discovered that each and every individual has the capacity to be great when such a person refrains himself from the pursuit and accumulation of mundane possessions. Greatness clings to anyone who utilizes what he has to make the world a better place. Such a person is propelled by the passion to help others achieve their worth in life. Therefore, greatness is the kind of life we live and not the kind of things we get.

Greatness shows to us that life is a journey, the kind of journey that takes us along diverse routes and what we truly desire is to reach that expected destination where we would find the greatest joy and happiness.


Conversely, what some people ignore is the truth that the attainment of greatness or purposeful assignment is governed by certain principles, which lead to the achievement of peace, wealth and greatness. The principles of greatness are universal in their applications and they are not usually driven by human feelings, these principles are present whether the person believes in them or not but becomes active when one chooses to believe and imbibe such principles. Why Six Steps to Greatness? Mariam Webster dictionary defined principle as a comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption. This definition makes us understand that whatever we become in life is as a result of the fundamental law that is in operation in our lives or better still the principles that we operate with. These principles are rules or belief systems governing, shaping and fashioning our lives, our attitude and behavior, which becomes the denominator of the greatness we attain. No one becomes anything that has not imbibed certain principles.


It is these principles that create a difference in people’s life, the right principle can make anyone a difference maker. Therefore, principles become the determinant on which our purposeful assignment is built. The principles you imbibe will either make you or mar you. This inspirational book presents you with hands on practical principles that would enable you to become a difference maker in your family, community and the nation.


Learn the principles unveiled in this book and make these your daily companion on your journey to making impact in life and achieving greatness.


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