Am I a Fool? (ebook)

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Ignorance is costly and deadly. It is heavier than the weights of stone and mold. Ignorance is a disability that should be conquered. Wisdom is light. It makes the poor become rich. It turns a beggar into a giver. It is the weapon by which kings lead and rule kingdoms. By reading this book, you've made a wise decision, I assure you that at the end of the study you will be able to answer the query 'Am I a fool?' In these inspired precepts, you will find wisdom nuggets that will quicken your spirit. This book is structured to make you participate by reflecting on heart- searching issues that come under the term 'QUERY' and to every query you will find the 'KEY' that opens the door to the world within and without you. For he who has wisdom has life, but the fool is already dead and this he does not yet know.

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