Within the hemisphere of success is the need for assoiation, a form of chemisrty that people seek in order to move to the next level of their selfish or godly ambition. Some smoosh others to achieve their aim, others parley, still, some erect true bonding that are epitome and unequivocal spices to admirable success. However, the crux of this memoir are those who seek to associate with fools hoping to wake up on the brighter side of life. They are more or less people travelling far west awaiting the rising of the sun only to behold the sunset.


Man, representing male and female, was born with the inner drive to accomplish something great. That is why babies when they are born and lying on their bellies, the next thing they want to do is to crawl, then they stagger, totter, run and fall, from then on they steady and walk.  The inescapable thing about children is that they are attracted to bright shining luminous substances, it is this that makes a child reach out into a glowing fire, or scratch furiously at a shining glass of sparkling objects, it is that same childishness that makes him cry for what is not his, as it is aptly put ‘foolishness is bound in the heart of a child’ ……….it is indeed a fool’s paradise. Now to my memo, success is a mirage when we seek it out like a child or run after treasures without a purpose, or covet things that belong to others, more often than not these are people living in a fool’s paradise……….they are as the holy writ says a companion of fools.


‘Obvious fools’ are not my concern in this text, every one seems to recognize them, they are obnoxious and repugnant they wear on their bodies a repellant jelly that exudes foolishness. However the most dangerous set of fools are those that seemingly dress in ceremonial robes of friendliness and piousness but are wolves in sheep clothing, who snuff out the daylight in the aspirations of their companions. Some of these fools build paradises, a place they can entertain their fellow fools, on whose gates should be written ‘beware of fools’. This brings us right on time to ask and perhaps answer the question, who is a fool?


Anyone who seeks your time to engage in unfruitful chat is a fool, he or she merely gives you pleasure without treasure, they drain your most important and significant resource, which is your time. How and what you spend your time for and on is what you become, time is the currency of life, it is either you waste it or you invest it…….my advice to you is run away from time wasters and never entertain one, least of all letting a fool entertain you.


Any one that sees the smallness in you or in your dreams is a fool.  A fool has no regard for dreamers, they only seek to belittle others and make them feel inferior, if you are in the presence of any one that make you feel inferior, know that you are around a fool, a wise man they say makes others feel great and secure. Remember he who joins hands with a fool will be destroyed.


It is often said as you lay your bed so you lie on it, but still I know that fools never make their beds and still they lie on it, they are clumsy and disorderly, they make no plans, sorry they do have plans, plans to thwart the progress of others. Fools are mobile chaos, their presence bring pain and not gains.


You can’t expect to lie with dogs and not catch fleas. He who keeps company with fools should not wail when he finds pains and woes. You must separate yourself from them and keep away from their gang. One fool can do much damage and that is my candid opinion


…to be continued

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