Kenwiz and Gold International is an inspirational firm that is given to the transformation of lives; both of individuals and organizations. We enable individuals and organizations to dream more than they can achieve by boosting and motivating them to reach beyond their grasps. Our inspirational materials; books and audiobooks, in both hard and downloadable versions are capable of revolutionize your perception of life. These materials will not only instruct you but it will definitely transform you. We also engage in organizing and facilitating seminars and workshops by bringing together proven experts in the fields of motivation and selfdevelopment. Our speakers are professionals in their various fields who have the capabilities to create change and deliver hands on practical lessons.

our drive

We are driven by the vacuum created between who we are and who we really desire to be. The inspiration we provide is the catalyst that enables us accomplish this task.

our philosophy

 Dream more than you can achieve.

what we do

  • Trainings, seminars, workshops; including organizational retreats and conferences.
  • Publication of inspirational books, audio books, videos and online materials.
  • Counselling and public speaking.

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